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Entre el cristal y el humo
Henri Atlan

El problema de la vida. (Ensayo sobre los orígenes del pensamiento biológico)
C.U.M. Smith

Mil años de historia no lineal
Manuel De Landa

La trama de la vida
Fritjof Capra

Organization for physiological homeostasis
Walter B. Cannon

The role of the cytoskeleton in differentially regulating...

El quark y el jaguar. Aventuras en los simple y lo complejo
Murray Gell-Mann

Scaling behaviour of heartbeat intervals obtained by wavelet-based time-series analysis

The Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Small Systems

Behavior, Purpose and Teleology
Arturo Rosenblueth, Norbert Wiener and Julian Bigelow

The Spread of Obesity in a Large Social Network over 32 Years

Science and Complexity
Warren Weaver

Complex networks. Augmenting the framework for the study of complex systems
L.A.N. Amaral and J.M. Ottino

The role of the cytoskeleton in the structure and function of the Golgi apparatus

Cytoskeletal Dynamics: Concepts in Measles Virus Replication and Immunomodulation

Synchrony and asynchrony for neuronal dynamics defined on complex networks

Phagocytosis and the actin cytoskeleton

Cytoskeleton and Cell Motility
Thomas Risler

Acerca de los "Fundamentos de la Teoría de la Probabilidad" de Kolmogorov
Landro / González

La evolución de la complejidad
Antonio García Olivares

Epigenetic Modifications of Stem Cells: A Paradigm for the Control of Cardiac Progenitor Cells

Principio de Margalef y Ley de Kleiber: su consistencia con la segunda ley de la termodinámica y la deriva natural

La ciencia y sus demonios
Germinal Cocho / Pedro Miramontes

Non-linear dynamics for clinicians: chaos theory, fractals, and complexity at the bedside
A. Goldberger

El nacimiento del tiempo
Ilya Prigogine

Fractal dynamics in physiology: Alterations with disease and aging

Thermodynamics and Hydrodynamics of Cellular Automata

Complex Systems
Ary L. Goldberger

Redes Complejas: Estructura, Dinámica y Evolución
Maximino Aldana

Folding and Assembly of Cytoskeletal Proteins Under Force - From Single Molecule Studies of Dystrophin to Studies of Intact Cells
Christine Carag

Heat Dissipation and Self-consistent Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Open Driven Systems

Thermodynamic origin of life
K. Michaelian

Thermodynamic Function of Life
K. Michaelian

Nonequilibrium fluctuations in small systems: From physics to biology
F. Ritort

Work and heat fluctuations in two-state systems: a trajectory thermodynamics formalism
F. Ritort

Viral Self-assembly as a Thermodynamic Process

Self-Organized Criticality and Thermodynamic formalism
Cessac / Blanchard / Krüuger / Meunier

Thermodynamics of Biological Systems

The Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Small Systems
Bustamante, Liphardt, Ritort

Thermodynamics as a nonequilibrium path integral
Sadhukhan, Bhattacharjee

Biological physics in México. Review and new challenges
Enrique Hernández-Lemus

A thermodynamical perspective of immune capabilities
Agliari, Barra, Guerra, Moauro

Biotechnology approach to determination of genetic and epigenetic control in cells
K. Yasuda

Regulation of the Postsynaptic Cytoskeleton: Roles in Development, Plasticity, and Disorders

Complex roles of filamin-A mediated cytoskeleton network in cancer progression

Effects of Microgravity on Osteoblast Growth
Hughes et al.

A Model for Genetic and Epigenetic Regulatory Networks Identifies Rare Pathways for Transcription Factor Induced Pluripotency
Artyomov, Meissner, Chakraborty

Thermodynamic Transformations of Nonequilibrium States
Bertini, Gabrielli, Jona-Lasinio, Landim

A Scalable Algorithm to Explore the Gibbs Energy Landscape of Genome-scale Metabolic Networks
De Martino, Figliuzzi, De Martino, Marinari

The geometry of thermodynamic control
Zulkowsk, Siva, Crook, DeWees

Maxwell’s Demon and Maxwell-Boltzmann Distribution
Hosoya, Maruyama, Shikano

Resource Letter TTSM-1: Teaching thermodynamics and statistical mechanics in introductory physics, chemistry, and biology
Dreyfus, Geller, Meltzer, Sawtelle

Prenatal and Postnatal Epigenetic Programming: Implications for GI, Immune, and Neuronal Function in Autism
Waly, Hornig, Trivedi, Hodgson, Kini, Ohta, Deth

Integrated Network Analysis of Genetic and Epigenetic Factors in Glioblastoma Multiform
Dong, Xiong

A general theory of genotype to phenotype mapping: derivation of epigenetic landscapes for N-node complex gene regulatory networks
Villarreal, Padilla-Longoria, Alvarez-Buylla

Estructuras disipativas: algunas nociones básicas / 1
García Velarde, Fairen Le Lay

Estructuras disipativas: potenciales y catástrofes / 2
Gea Banacloche, García Velarde

Differentiation and adaptation epigenetic networks: Translational research in gastric carcinogenesis
DaJun, ZheMing

Biology and Thermodynamics: Seemingly-Opposite Phenomena in Search of a Unified Paradigm
Dolev, Elitzur

The Mathematical Theory of Molecular Motor Movement and Chemomechanical Energy Transduction
Hong Qian

Anomalous diffusion on dynamical networks: A model for interacting epithelial cell migration
Thurnera, Wickc, Hanele, Sedivyc, Huberd

Epigenetic Mechanisms and Gene Networks in the Nervous System
Colvis et al.

A Novel Class of Anticancer Compounds Targets the Actin Cytoskeleton in Tumor Cells
Stehn, Haass, Bonello, et al.

Further steps toward functional systems biology of cancer
Enrique Hernández-Lemus

How does a neuron "know" to modulate its epigenetic machinery in response to early-life environment/experience?
Karsten, Baram

Loss of 'Complexity' and Aging Potential Applications of Fractals and Chaos Theory to Senescence
Lipsitz, Goldberger

How Structure Determines Correlations in Neuronal Networks
Pernice, Staude, Cardanobile, Rotter

Una aproximación a los sistemas complejos
Gustavo Martínez-Mekler

Memorization and Association on a Realistic Neural Model
Leslie G. Valiant

Osteoblast fibronectin mRNA, protein synthesis, and matrix are unchanged after exposure to microgravity
Hughes-Fulford, Gilbertson

Growth factor-induced signal transduction in adherent mammalian cells is sensitive to gravity
Johannes Boonstra

Nonequilibrium Thermodynamics of Cell Signaling
Enrique Hernández-Lemus

The living cell as an open thermodynamic system: bacteria and irrversible thermodynamics
W. Burtis Mercer

Cellular Thermodynamics
Joe Wolfe

Cell thermodynamics and energy metabolism
Horst W. Doelle

A definition of internal constancy and homeostasis in the context of non-equilibrium thermodynamics
Recordati & Bellini

Thermodynamics of Heat Shock Response
Arnvig, Pedersen and Sneppen

El cerebro como estructura disipativa

Actin cytoskeleton dynamics and the cell division cycle
Yi-Wen Heng, Cheng-Gee Koh

Role of Small GTPases in Endothelial Cytoskeletal Dynamics and the Shear Stress Response
Eleni Tzima

Genetic and Epigenetic Networks in Intellectual Disabilities
Hans van Bokhoven

Epigenetic Principles and Mechanisms Underlying Nervous System Functions in Health and Disease
Mark F. Mehler

Epigenetic Regulation of B Lymphocyte Differentiation, Transdifferentiation, and Reprogramming
Barneda-Zahonero, Roman-Gonzalez, Collazo, Mahmoudi & Parra

Epigenetic remodelling of brain, body and behaviour during phase change in locusts
Burrows, Rogers and Ott

Stem Cell Epigenetics Guide

El modelo neuronal de McCulloch y Pitts. Interpretación comparativa del modelo
Prieto, Herrera, Pérez, Padrón

Optimising Principle for Non-Equilibrium Phase Transitions and Pattern Formation with Results for Heat Convection
Phil Attard

Tensegrity and Mechanotransduction
Donald E. Ingber

Transcriptional and epigenetic networks in the development and maturation of dendritic cells
Hyoung-Pyo Kim, Yeon-Su Lee, Jong Hoon Park & Young-Joon Kim

Dark Matters in AMD Genetics: Epigenetics and Stochasticity
Leonard M. Hjelmeland

On Systemic Destruction of Human Locomotor System
Medjanik, Popova, Popov

Epigenetic Networks and miRNAs in Stem Cells and Cancer
Zahnow and Baylin

Effects of spaceflight on the musculoskeletal system: NIH and NASA future directions
Rabin, Gordon, Lymn, Todd, Frey and Sulzman

Neural activity waves and the Relative Refractory States of Neurons
Milton, Mundel, Heiden, Spire & Cowan

Complex Adaptive Systems
Serena Chan

A mechanobiological perspective on cadherins and the actin-myosin cytoskeleton
Budnar and Yap

Fundamentos de la termodinámica del no equilibrio para un nuevo saber ambiental
Anunziata Elisa Di Salvo

Epigenetic transgenerational inheritance of somatic transcriptomes and epigenetic control regions
Skinner, Manikkam, Haque, Zhang and Savenkova

Introducción a la física nolineal y los sistemas complejos
Denis Boyer

Herpesvirus Interactions with the Host Cytoskeleton
Lyman and Enquist

The alteration of human sleep and circadian rhytms during spaceflight
Gundel, Polyakov & Zulley

Epigenetic Feedback Regulation Accelerates Adaptation and Evolution
Furusawa, Kaneko

Estructura y dinámica de redes genéticas
Maximino Aldana

Los fractales: una nueva geometría para describir el espacio geográfico
Gerardo G. Naumis

Fractals and the birth of Gothic: reflectiones on the biologic basis of creativity
A. L. Goldberger

The Analysis of Social Network
Ronald L. Breiger

A network of networks: Cytoskeletal control of compartmentalized function within dendritic spines
Frost, Kerr, Lu, and Blanpied

Neural networks as spatio-temporal pattern-forming systems
Bard Ermentrout

Statistical physics and physiology: Monofractal and multifractal approaches
Stanleya, Amaral, Goldberger, Havlina, Ivanov, Peng

Lipid bilayer and cytoskeletal interactions in a red blood cell
Peng, Li, Pivkin, Dao, Karniadakis, and Suresh

Multiscale Entropy Analysis of Complex Physiologic Time Series
Costa, Goldberger, and Peng

Signaling Between the Actin Cytoskeleton and the Postsynaptic Density of Dendritic Spines
Rao and Craig

Epigenetics: Neurons Remember Because They Move Genes in Space
Science News, 2013

The Correlation Theory of Brain Function
Christoph von der Malsburg

Epigenetic regulation of higher order chromatin conformations and networks
Chengxi Shi



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